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Get To Know Us

Get to Know Us

Saving water one pool at a time…

Fritz and Nanette

35+ years Pool Industry Experience

Fritz and Nanette Brown started Reverse Technologies in direct response to their growing concern of the affects the California drought was having on the swimming pool industry and the health of swimming pool water. Due to his 35 years in the swimming pool industry Fritz understands why and when swimming pool water needs to be changed.

Before a year ago, the only option to address old, contaminated pool water was to drain the pool! Now, by using our reverse osmosis technology, we can renew and refresh your “saturated” pool water with very little waste.

What others say about us

Making a 30 plus year old pool almost like new without draining

Fritz Brown and his team did a reverse osmosis treatment on my very old pool. The plaster on the bottom was eroding and causing the filter to stop working. The process saved me from draining all the pool water during this very long Southern California drought. We are thrilled with the result and looking forward to a summer of swimming and splashing.

Very professional and great results

Reverse Technologies was recommened by our pool servicing company and after doing some research I decided to give them a try. Fritz and Nanette are extremely professional. Everything happened as scheduled and our pool has different feel. The water is very smooth and silky. No more unpleasant chlorine smells. I would definitely recommend their services.

Very pleased. Would….and have recommended.

I’m a relatively new owner of a relatively old pool. The high calcium hardness, algae, phosphates and dissolved solids made it very difficult to maintain. The puri-pool process worked perfectly and we now have a fresh pool that’s much healthier and easier to maintain. Thanks Fritz!

Crystal Clear Water Without Draining Pool

Fritz, I finally had a chance to get in the pool this weekend and even drank a small amount pool water to see if it was drinkable as you said, and it was. Crystal clear as well. You were very professional and the system conserves a lot of water. It was finished in the time frame you stated. Summer is looking good!

We promise 100% purified water. We provide 100% peace of mind.

Serving Orange County, Los Angeles County, Ventura County, and Surrounding Areas

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