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Residential and Commercial Services

Residential & Commercial Reverse Osmosis

Saving water one pool at a time with our Reverse Osmosis Filtration Process


If there is a client who is interested in our service and is in our local area, we will offer a free water analysis to ensure an accurate price quote. This analysis will include testing for TDS,  Water Hardness, Alkalinity, Cyanuric Acid, Phosphates,and Salt and computing their levels.

Reverse Technologies Agreement


Once a client has agreed to an initial estimate, we send out via email our agreement for them to read over carefully, sign, and send back to us. The agreement is very comprehensive because we do not want any surprises! Upon receiving the signed agreement we will establish a date for the water purification.


Once the date for service is determined,on the specific day we will arrive with the mobile unit, built on a 10ft./ 20ft. trailer and park it until the reverse osmosis procedure is completed. After unhitching the trailer, laying out our hoses, starting up the generator, and calibrating the system we will let the client know of our departure and subsequent return the following day.

Reverse Osmosis trailer


When we return after the completion of Renewing and Refreshing the “old” pool water, we will perform a final water analysis on the “new” water. At this time we will give the client a “Final Folder” that includes initial water analysis, final water analysis, job invoice, our brochure, and a few promotional flyers for friends and family. The last exchange is receiving a check for the work completed.


After we receive payment we shut down the generator (if not already done so), dis-assemble our hoses, and reconnect the trailer to our truck for departure, knowing perfectly well we have left our valued client with purified water to enjoy for the next number of years.

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We recommend that regular, residential, chlorine pool water be recycled using our reverse osmosis technology every 3-5 years. Salt pool water should be recycled every 2-3 years. Commercial pools will vary according to the bather load from year to year. The most important chemical levels to monitor in determining when a  pool needs to be recycled are TDS, Water Hardness, and Cyanuric Acid.

We promise 100% purified water. We provide 100% peace of mind.

Serving Los Angeles and Ventura Counties (including San Gabriel, San Fernando, Simi, and Conejo Valleys, as well as LA Metro)

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