California Pool Owners Find Many Benefits to Reverse Osmosis

Californians usually include a pool on their must-have list when looking for a home. A pool is essential for entertaining and staying cool in the warm climate. Maintenance with a filter and chemicals can only keep a pool clean for so long before solid buildup requires a pool to be completely drained and refilled.

For areas like the Southwest, which has high amounts of calcium in water, pool maintenance may need to be done more often. Rest assured that you can keep your pool water and your conscience clean with reverse osmosis (RO). If your home is in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties (including San Gabriel, San Fernando, Simi, and Conejo Valleys, as well as LA Metro) discover how reverse osmosis can help you.

Reverse Osmosis allows existing pool water to be cleaned of buildup and debris without the waste of draining a pool. But there are many other benefits besides water conservation.

No Pool Closure

RO does not require closing a pool for maintenance like traditional pool cleaning methods. RO is a continuous cycle of removing water while replacing it with filtered water. Families can enjoy the pool while RO is in progress.

Prevents Scaling

Calcium build up on pool walls is called scaling. Pool service companies will come out and remove this white residue with chemicals, but it is time-consuming and costly. Periodic reverse osmosis filtration of pool water keeps calcium deposits under control, slowing white residue buildup on pool walls.

Keeps Pool Structure Safe

Emptying a pool can damage tiles and the pool structure. Without the weight of the water, a pool structure can raise above ground if the soil is very moist. Pool tiles may crack, or laminate can peel during pool draining. When this happens, the entire pool requires re-surfacing. RO poses no risk to pool surfaces.

At Reverse Technologies, we are saving water one pool at a time with our Reverse Osmosis for swimming pools filtration process. Contact us today.

Reverse osmosis for Swimming Pools Resident and Client

Keep Your Pool Clean While Conserving Water – Reverse Osmosis

The traditional method for removing pool buildup and dirt has been to drain the pool and refill it. This can be costly, and it wastes a significant amount of water. California’s drought problem is making water usage restrictions a top priority for all Californians. Unfortunately, water in the Southwest has a high level of calcium hardness, necessitating more frequent pool drainings. What does a pool owner faced with this situation do?

There is a way to salvage your pool water while getting rid of dirt and debris. This method is called Reverse Osmosis (RO). Reverse Osmosis has been around for a very long time, but using Reverse Osmosis to clean swimming pool water is a newer concept. Reverse Osmosis is a perfect solution for pool owners in California because it remedies calcium hardness in water, removes other debris, and saves about 85% of the original pool water.

How Reverse Osmosis Works

The purification process begins with carbon filtration. The water then passes through a sedimentation process and a pressurized pump to finally begin the reverse osmosis process. Reverse Osmosis purifies water by using semipermeable membranes to further remove particles. Reverse Osmosis is capable of removing many kinds of particles, even ones as small as bacteria. Mobile Reverse Osmosis systems have been developed which takes Reverse Osmosis to individual pool owners.

After learning about Reverse Osmosis, most people are excited about this alternative but worried about the cost. The average expense starts at around $875 for small backyard pools (15000 – 20,000 gallons of water) and it depends on TDS levels and how far parking is from the pool. Depending on the cost of water and sewer usage in your area, this cost may be similar to the expense of draining and refilling a pool. However, when the benefits to the environment are considered, Reverse Osmosis is a better solution overall.

Water conservation is not only on the minds of Californians; it’s also a global concern. As a pool owner, you can do your part in water conservation by saving water, one pool at a time.

At Reverse Technologies, we are saving water one pool at a time with our Reverse Osmosis for swimming pools filtration process. Contact us today.