3 Reasons Why Commercial Pool Owners are Moving to Reverse Osmosis

If you operate a pool as part of your business in California, you’re probably concerned about water conservation. You must manage pool water safety and calcium buildup, which used to necessitate draining the pool every few years or more. Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a technique that has been purifying drinking water for some time and is quickly becoming an asset for commercial pool owners.

Water Conservation

Commercial pools tend to be much larger than residential pools, and some locations boast more than one pool to serve varying clients’ needs. The amount of water wasted during routine pool drainage can quickly add up to many thousand gallons of water. Another advantage to Reverse Osmosis is that there is no need to reheat new pool water. Water that has undergone Reverse Osmosis retains its temperature and saves on energy costs associated with pool draining.

Reduced Cleaning Time

RO goes beyond conserving water when used commercially. Draining a pool is time-consuming and can result in client dissatisfaction. Purifying water with the Reverse Osmosis method can be done while the pool is in use. A mobile Reverse Osmosis unit does need to be attached to the pool, but clients will be happy to know your business is environmentally aware.

Ease of Water Maintenance

After a RO treatment is completed, your pool will require less daily upkeep. Pool water is easier to balance and requires fewer chemicals. Calcium deposits that cause white stains on pool walls will be greatly reduced, eliminating the need for frequent cleaning. The water feels softer and smoother due to the removal of impurities.

When you are ready to service your pool, call on us. We service Los Angeles County, and Ventura County (including San Gabriel Valley, San Fernando Valley, and LA Metro). RO water cleaning systems are an obvious benefit to the environment, but they also offer many benefits to business owners. Don’t drain your commercial pool – purify it – using our reverse osmosis purification service.

At Reverse Technologies, we are saving water one pool at a time with our Reverse Osmosis for swimming pools filtration process. Contact us today.