Our Pool Had Issues—Serious Water Issues

It was autumn of 2014 and I was informed that the water in our swimming pool was so chemically out of balance that it could not properly maintain the weekly chemicals that were added. Our pool water was toxic.

The diagnosis was harsh: if the pool was not refilled with fresh water damage could be done to both the walls of the pool and the mechanical elements. Ouch!

However, California Has Serious Water issues

We were in yet another year of drought and water restrictions were being proposed. I had trouble justifying emptying and refilling our pool when water was such a scarce—and increasingly expensive—commodity. So I held off until the spring hoping for winter rains even as I held my breath hoping kicking the can down the road would not mean that I would have the expense of repairs on top of emptying and refilling our pool.

As we know, those substantial winter rains never came.

Winter did bring hope, though. It was in late winter when the owner mentioned that he was going to be offering a new service: reverse osmosis processing of the existing water in the pool, which would make our pool water better than water out of the hose.

I had nothing to lose and was hopeful that reverse osmosis might be “good enough.” The process was fairly quick and painless, with little inconvenience to us and none to our neighbors. But the process was more effective than I imagined or hoped. If I would have drained the pool and refilled it with tap water, I would be refilling it with hard water. When this process was complete, the water was almost too soft. The water was clear, clean and was no longer a threat to the well-being of our swimming pool.

The bottom line is Reverse Technologies reversed our pools fortunes and did it without justifying consuming water to refill a pool.

Todd J.

La Cañada-Flintridge