My pool was transformed in less than a day!

We’ve all heard that a pool has to be drained and refilled every five years to avoid mineral buildup, but with the ongoing California drought that’s not an option. Besides high phosphates, I was particularly worried about the high levels of calcium in my pool water because I knew it was damaging my equipment. I didn’t know what to do! I’d heard about a new reverse osmosis service for pools on the local news and decided to see if someone could help. This new technology was my last hope because I didn’t want to incur the expense and fines of draining and refilling my pool. Thankfully, I found Reverse Technologies. I spoke with the owner to get an idea of what to expect and schedule a date for the treatment. He also met with me the day before the treatment to let me know where the trailer that houses the reverse osmosis system would be parked. He answered all my questions and addressed my concerns. The next morning, he arrived on time and set everything up. The homeowner doesn’t have to do anything. I have a 15,000 gallon saltwater pool, so the treatment only took about seven and a half hours. He also re-balanced the pool water afterward. The water is visibly clearer and feels silky soft, much different than before the treatment. In addition, my skin’s no longer dry after swimming. What a difference! If you’re worried about high mineral levels and the potential damage it’s causing to your pool’s equipment and your skin, then call Reverse Technologies. Your pool water will be transformed!