You need this service!

I keep aquariums as a hobby and know a good deal about Reverse Osmosis systems, which is why, living in Southern California, I Googled a service that could do that to our pool — which suffered from 20 year old water with a hardness level of over 3200 PPM! We were using over $100 a month in chemicals, but because the Cyaneuric acid was so high they were not able to do their job, which to me was pouring money down the drain. Needless to say, I was more interested in a tour of their truck than the effect on the pool, but the system is brilliant; huge reverse osmosis membranes, a self-contained power-plant that is QUIETER than they’ll admit, and it shuts off when your water reaches the desired parameters, or in MY case even better than the targeted level – kind of like Lasik surgery for your pool. The team came in, out and available during the entire process, which saved us SO MUCH MONEY, and is continuing to save us money every day. And let me tell you what it’s like to have water that’s chemically PURER THAN CITY WATER. it’s like a mountain lake. USE THIS SERVICE – your Karma will thank you!! There is NOTHING unprofessional and not outstanding about this company. They were outstanding. The solids were originally at 3200 PPM’s– That’s largely because the pool water was 20 years old. The Cyanuric acid was so high that I was putting 100 dollars a month of chemicals into the pool and they were unable to work. The pool cleaner wasn’t able to do its job due to the hardness and salts. SO 20 hours later, the guys packed it up and drove it away. I had had to replace 10-20% of the water due to the amount of waste for this situation . I’ve applied to the DMV for a variance. The motor is really quiet for the unit and like I said, the water was BELOW parameters when they were done. (Solids at 130ppm.) For our 20×40 pool the price was $875.00 The water is like a lake and even the pool cleaner is working better. Great guys – great job – and well worth the money.